curtis/alex = otp (fragile_purity) wrote in egl_colouring,
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 All posts in the community will be friendslocked, to tone down art theft. :) Each week we will have a mini-theme to post to, you don't have to, it's just a side activity. ;)

Anything over 400x400 must be in a cut! Thanks guys, and have fun!!
Tags: introduction
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I am pleased that you spelled "colouring" the english way :D

I'm not much for drawing lineart, but I carry a tin of crayons and a b of markers in my purse wherever I go, I'm a colouring addict.

looking forward to seeing some great art!
well, I live in Canada! :D
me too! SK
I didn't know Canadians spelled colouring the proper way =O *Australian*
I didn't know australians spelled colouring with a u either! We all learn something new, nee?
I hope you post a theme soon! I work better with a theme to go from ^^
So, if we've got completed lineart, do we reply to the theme post or post as an individual post?
individual. :) like you would with art posts on egl. If it's part of a theme, just mention "THEME" in the title or cut.